Monday, January 19, 2009


CNY is around the corner..
Housemates juniors suggested to have a union dinner before we go back to our home town..
So each of us contributed something for the dinner..
Totally we had 8 dishes..

~~Plentiful ~~
::Here are the dishes::

~~Cheese Nuggets by Yoon Hui~~

~~Sweet Sour Chicken by Xiao Chuan~~

~~Braised pork with prickled vegetable by Yuk Mey~~

~~Steamed Arrowroot with Lup Cheong Meat by Grace~~

~~Seaweed soup with egg by Jin~~

~~Stir-fried Chinese Cabbage with Prawn Shrimps by Jin~~
--> Housemates said I helped to balance up the meal with vegetables and soup.. *Wink*

This is not fish balls..This is...

~~Mochi by Priscilla~~

::Last but not least::

~~Yee Sang brought by Xiao Wen~~

::We are future Nutritionists::

Seniors are sitting.. Juniors said need to respect senior..LOL
Front (from the left) -> Shwu Chen . Xiao Chuan . Jin .
Behind (from the right) -> Grace . Priscilla . Yuk Mey . Xiao Wen . Yoon Hui .

Girls, thank you so much..
I really enjoyed the dinner..
Ate till very full..
Stomach was almost getting burst..

Happy Chinese New Year

Friday, January 2, 2009

..ChicKen FLoss Rolls..

Spent 5 hours to make my bro's favorite CNY titbits
-- Chicken Floss Rolls --
Tiring but felt contented..

Simple ingredients : Popiah Skin.. Chicken Floss.. Egg White..

Wrap the popiah skin with some chicken floss..
Lip it up with some egg white..
Then deep fry it..
Simple procedure but time consuming..

The 5 hours products..
Made from 200g chicken floss and 200 pieces of small popiah skin..

..Jin's Mochi..

Mochi is one of my favorite dessert..
I tried to make it today by following a food blogger recipe..
The final product was not too bad but still can be improved
(told by my "white mice" -- Chew Hooi).. LoL

Main Ingredient :
- 250g Glutinous Rice Flour (Tepung Pulut)
- 1 1/2 cup of water (I replaced it with Soy Milk for smoother & milky taste of mochi)
- 2 tbsp of Vegetable Oil
- Salt
- Peanuts
- Sugar

Steps :
1. Chop the peanuts and mix it with sugar then put it aside.
2. Mix the glutinous rice flour with soy milk, vegetable oil and salt evenly.
3. Steam the dough for about 30 minutes and let it cool.
4. Cut the dough into small cubes and serve it with the peanut mixture.