Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NSM 250310

I found u"
On this day,
this girl set a target for myself.
2 years later,
From a girl,
she becomes a BETTER girl.

a Day with JiMui "

Japanese food is always be JJ's favorite.
and for HER too.
Food hunting is always their favorite activity.
Not to mention about Cam-whoring,
which definitely won't be missed out,
whenever they hang around together.
These two things always tide up these two girls' hearts together.
A relaxing weekend (though is already been some weeks ago)
these two girls spent together to have a nice Japanese buffet.
Another wonderful memory stored in JJ's mind.
and some wordings written in JJ's blog.
and some photos saved in JJ's laptop too. (grin*)
a friend who JJ shares lot of things with her.

We have the same sense, same taste, same interest, same mindset.
We always have endless chatting topics,
from foods, cloths, secrets, gossips, etc.
No doubt, there will be always a space in JJ's heart
which specially reserved for her, IRREPLACEABLE.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

a SpeCiaL BookMark in HazeLLnuT's Life StorY

Sometimes, there are some special opportunities in your life, whereby if you grab it, you can have another different life experience from others .. So, don't be hesitate to have a try as you never know the end result before you try it out. Just do it"

Before entering the age of 25, JJ gained some special experiences in her 24th .. Took part in a small singing contest with dude for the 1st time and won a consolation prize .. Involved in a commercial shooting at Hulu Langat .. Learnt to communicate with different people from different fields, different ages and different backgrounds .. Everyone has his/her own story ..

CK - the person who provided JJ the opportunity of getting involved in commercial shooting plus free transportation .. wink*.. owed him a meal ..

JJ with the other extra talents - obviously, Hazellnut is the typical China-moi among them .. with Calvin Khairul, the China-apek .. wink* ..

Si comel - JJ like this si comel very much .. enjoyed the moment playing Bing Bong Chiak with her .. Hello, kak Hazell~~~ nut" .. cutie face with sweetie voice, she is angel .. wink*..

It doesn't matter that you don't have a beautiful face, but let yourself to have a beautiful life.
Yeap.. JJ wanted to beautify her life, make it colourful and meaningful ..