Friday, May 22, 2009

24 years old luu...

on the night of 20 May..
had dinner tghr with PEiLee at Fireman Korean BBQ & SteaMBoat @ JaYa ONe..
at 1st planned to stay overnight at PL's place..
but later changed plan due to some reason..
felt a bit regret of my decision..
especially when i backed to my own condo..

"Jie.. i bought many small pieces of cake for u..i din bought a big cake cos i think 2 of us not able to finish it.. i asked the cashier to give me a small candle.. at 1st, i thought u will over night at my place so later we can blow candle together.. but never mind la.. later when u back to your condo, u can celebrate it together with your housemates.. tell u oo.. this bakery shop is quite famous.. HoChiak recommended it before.. hope u like the cakes lo.. ^^"

This little girl's words really touched my heart..
Her facial expression.. i still remembered vividly..

around 8pm something..
Mr PostMan + Mr Driver -- a La arrived..
a big box of nice cup-cakes was on my hand..
after sending PL backed to her home..
accompanied a La to had his dinner..
then we backed to Vistana to start our cake feast..

"Wei, why your housemates so weird d..
din wear beautifully?? no make up??
they really n0t choi u wo.."

when i opened up the cakes..
i really felt touching..
PeiLee bought me many choco-flavor cakes as both of us like choco-flavor much..
her words came across my mind..
a feeling of sadness enclosed my heart..
i shouldn't back to Vistana.. the atmosphere is so quiet so weird..

"Nevermind.. i sing birthday song for u.."

luckily i still had a La accompanying me..
accompanied me to blow the little candle specially prepared by PL for me..
sang birthday song for me loudly..
keke.. i had a "song-god" sang birthday song for me, was my pleasure indeed..
be my camera-man as well..
helped me to capture some photos..
accompanied me to finish the left-out cakes..

Actually i understood that there was something couldn't be forced..
yet still felt a bit upset being rejected..
so i ended-up celebrating my birthday with tears in my eyes..


on the morning of 21st May..
being awaked by CHew Hooi..

"ar boon.. wake up - wake up..
xiu keong almost arrived..
need to move my stuff le.."

my eyes swelled because of cried before sleep..
had to boost up my energy by eating a plentiful breakfast..
soft chicken floss cake bought by PL and mint choco-chips cupcakes from Wenqi & a La.. fully recharged.. can help CH to move her stuff to her new rented-room at Setapak..
together with xiu-keong, 3 of us worked together to build up the bookshelf and wore-board..
then xiu-keong drove us to WangsaMaju for ice-fudge indulgence..

back to Vistana again..
the ice-fudge was too nice..
HoChiak's recommendation can be trusted..
we dabao another 2 cups..
bought a redbean greentea sponge-cake at Baker Cottage as well..
Thus.. at the end..
we had girls talk for the whole afternoon till evening..
Wenqi joined us to have the ice-fudge and redbean cake..
refreshing drink.. delicious cake.. interesting story sharing.. haha..

" i dun wan to b home-bounded gal..
i dun wan to stay at home today..
i wan to go out.."

CH complainted that it was boring to stay at home..
at first we planned to sing K..
yet raining at the afternoon..
thus we changed our plan..
Girl's talk lasted long..
3 of us talked from 1pm something till almost 5pm..
CH said wanted to go to Setapak to move a chair to her new room..
we met Chyn and then had our dinner at OM FOOD thai food restaurant..

we ordered their famous ice-blended fruit juice..
OMG..the juice was heavenly good..
just paid RM2 for getting a big glass 100% pure fruit juice..

the TOmYam Beehoon and Nasi Paprik were nice as well.. thumb-up..

Finished our dinner..
We took a cab to go to Sri Rampai pasar malam..
staying at KL almost 4 years..
but never visit this pasar malam before..
wanted to revisit it to try the food there..
hoho.. i am greedy eating-cat.. no doubt.. eyes just hunt for food..
although feeling quite food..
we still bought a packet of flavoured mochi to try as CH and i really like mochi much..

back to Vistana..
spent my time msn-ing with friends..
birthday would be overed in 2 hours..
thought would be alone at room facing the laptop and chatting with friends..
surprisingly, i received a call from xiu-keong.. a guy who i just met him for twice..
the person who finally accompanying me till 12 midnight..
keke.. we blow-water for 2 hours.. story sharing time from 1 year old to 23years old..

HaPPy BirthdaY, Jin..
HaPpY BirthdaY, Boon..

HappY biRTHday. HaZell..

p/s: truly.. gratefully.. deeply.. thanks to all the birthday wishes from sms.. fb.. msn..
thanks for the birthday presents and cakes..

*grin* no least this year birthday i got to know "WuChun's bro" - xiuKeong..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happy advanced birthday, jin..

Hanged out with Aunty Ooi today..
Had a great lunch with Aunty Ooi at Kim Garey..
Thousand years Jin hadn't dine at this restaurant..

Seafood stone rice
Jin Liked the sweet salty soy sauce..
Jin Liked the unagi..
Jin Liked the octopus..
Jin Liked the kimchi..
Jin Liked the needle mushrooms..
Jin Liked the mata kerbau..
Jin Liked the crab stick..
Jin Liked the beans..

Mine-stone soup..
Jin Liked the onions..
Jin Liked the carrots..
Jin Liked the celeries..

Jin Missed the fragrance..
Jin Missed the texture..
Jin Missed the taste..

Red-bean snowflake..
Jin Liked the mashed red beans..
Jin Liked the spongy jellies..
Jin Liked the cool refreshing feel in my throat..

Iced Ying-Yeung and milk tea..
Jin Like the cool refreshing drinks..

Our tummies were full of water..
Nearly burst.. *grin*
After eating was our shopping time..
Picking up present for friends, buying cloths, handbag and laptop cooler..

Aunty Ooi said Jin must eat a piece of cake..
Dragged Jin to Secret Recipe..
Finally Jin chose raspberry cheesecake as Jin's favorite mango delight was no available..
Aunty Ooi also ordered a cup of ice-blended cappuccino..
Cool drink again.. *grin*

Once again..
Thanks Aunty Ooi for ur accompanion as well as your piece of cake..
Jin Had a great day because of you..

p/s: thanks siewying for the pistachio-choco light cheese cake..
soft, deep pistachio flavour for every bite..

thanks weiwen for generous treat of roti pisang and satay..
a wonderful yam-cha moment with u guys..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009






过后,我们还一起看了套电影x-men : wolverine 。。

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

boon..come in..

viva was over.
i had a relaxing viva moment.
my examiners were Dr Norimah and Dr Zahara.
both were nice lecturers, especially Dr Norimah.
she was joking during my viva moment and this make me feel quite comfortable with my viva..

"boon, come in.."
boon is the way Dr Tila, my supervisor called me. but seems like it gained its popularity. now, other lecturer also called me with this name as well as my coursemates..
KeKe.. ar boon.. cute name what.. LoL

"boon, u did a good literature review.."
this is what Dr Zahara told me..felt happy when listened to her compliment..

"tila, u shldn't put both students tghr..both of them are doing different thesis.."

"yaya..tak patut put them doing their thesis tghr, sure the compliance will be low.."
finally, i got people who supported me..this was what i was trying to get permission from my supervisor at the beginning of my thesis..i wished to get separate subject group from my thesis partner but rejected firmly by my supervisor..
HoHo.. giggle in heart when noticed that my supervisor facial expression changed and couldn't defend herself..

"boon, u did a great job.."
this is what Dr Norimah told me when i left the meeting room..

"boon, ur thesis is the 1st thesis that i read and i am enjoyed reading ur thesis..after reading urs, i still able to continue reading others.."
these are the words given by Dr Zahara before my viva session finished..

"boon, u should feel happy cos if a lecturer told u that she is enjoyed reading ur thesis means u can get a high mark for it.."
my supervisor, Dr Tila told me this phrase with a smiling face..

frankly speaking, i really feel happy when i got so many positive feedbacks from my supervisor and examiners.
felt that all my hard work and sacrifies were worthy.

thank god.
thank for "bo bi" me for so long.
presented me thousands of lucks and let me went through my thesis smoothly.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Super Kitchen @ Chow Kit

Tremendously hot weather today..
So, YenPing suggested to have lunch at Super Kitchen..
Mainly because we wanted to find a place which is air-conditioned..
YenPing usually tried Spicy Ban-Mian at Kin Kin..
Kin Kin is situated opposite Super Kitchen..
But it is not air-conditioned..
Thus, we chose Super Kitchen..
According to YenPing,
both Spicy Ban-Mian were nice..
But Kin Kin's Ban-Mian is more spongy and elastic..
However Super Kitchen's Kau-Kei soup was nicer not that salty and oily..
I liked the Sa-lei juice as it is chilled and refreshing especially during this hot day..

Thanks girl..
Next time we tried Kin Kin's Spicy Ban-Mian lo..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

4 HaPPy SeaSons ResTauRanT@WangsaMaju

Four Happy Seasons Restaurant

On the day Jin finished the last exam paper..
Jin went to have dinner with coursemates..
Quite a big gang:
WaiLun, ShuihSeng, LaiKhuen, SiewYing, LehMing, TictWay, BeeCharn, WeiTze..
YenPing and LeePeng..

We visited to a fusion restaurant themed with 4 seasons:
Spring, summer, autumn and winter..
Comfortable environment..
Peaceful atmosphere..

Food were considered nice and appeared to be well-decorated when in serve..

Fried rice was cooked with fully-wok gas..
Fragrant and tasted great..

Spagetti was cooked in al-dente..
Sauce was thick and creamy..

Stone rice was topped with well-grilled salmon, seasoned japanese-style octupus, deep-fried yam bread..
All these served together with special sweet-salty sesame black soy sauce..

Fried beehoon same as fried rice was cooked with fully-wok gas..
Tender beehoon together with plenty of ingredients: sotong, chicken breast meat, prawns, vegetables..

Drinks were special..

Jin shared Dragonfruit vanila with SiewYing..
Jin like the taste of milky vanila mixed with sweet sour dragon fruit..

Ice blended Mocha with chocolate chip and coffee jellies topping..
Not bad too..

Redbean, jelly mango-kiwi iced blended..
Well-mixed ingredients and tasted sweet..

All of us had a wonderful chatting moment..
Recalled back our uni-life..
Story telling and sharing..
All of the stories happened is because of F.A.T.E...
F.A.T.E. was so strange.. guys.. =)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009





Tuesday, May 5, 2009




^ finally ^

Finally.. all the stuffs finished..
Yet.. i felt sick..
sore throat and fever..
Expected so..

My brain was non-stop functioning for 2 weeks..
My own thesis..
Friends' thesis..
Friend's presentation power-point..
Millions of brain cells died for it..
Each time completed a task..
Felt tremendously tired..
Super super no energy..

Burned up midnight oil for more than 2 weeks..
Slept less..
Body started to give me signal..
Warned me to take care of myself..
After my viva..
I want to watch movie..
I want to sing k..
I want to go for shopping..

I want to "rebuild" myself as well..

1st: normalize my sleeping time..
>>make it at least 8 hours a day..

2nd: cut down my coffee drinking frequency..
>>make it 3 cups per week..

3rd: go for veg and no meat at least for 1 month..
>>broke my promise these few days..
>>after all these, must practice it out..

4th: go for gym at least 3 times per week..
>>weight gained, chubby face as round as moon..
>>muscles became flabby, big tummy popped-out..
>>after went through 6 months of "sedentary" yet hectic thesis life..
>>want to stick back to my healthy and simple life..

5th: go for DIY hair and facial treatments..
>>couldn't stand with my pimpled-face, fizzy hair and dry skin anymore..
>>need to invest some money to buy facial masks, hair spa conditioners, lotions..

I need a long rest..
To recharge and rebuilt myself..
But now..
I need to sleep back..
30 emosi notes is waiting for me..
Hope i able to finish glance it before entering the exam-hall..

"aaaaHuuuu.... Uncle ChoW, JiN is coming to play chess with U.."