Tuesday, May 25, 2010

all these while" ..

All these while,

JJ has been working, working and working ...

Waiting for the day,

when all the tasks have been completed ...

Racing with the time EVERYDAY,

just to make sure that all the work which have to be done on the day

are completed as scheduled ...

Dating with questionnaires,

is the thing that JJ is doing everyday recently

before the sky turns bright until it turns dark ...


JJ needs BREAK ...

Hang out with friends to have fine dining

FOOD is the REMEDY for EMO

a nice movie for relaxing the bursting mind
a short trip for recharging the exhausted body

Express out her feeling through FB shoutout and BLOGGER ...
oh Yeah" haha
p/s: time to go for work LUUuUuu.. ^^

big girl liao"

Once again, thousand THANK YOU to all JJ's friends for the presents and treats.

You guys have given me a wonderful memeroble birthday.

Having such friends like you guys is the greatest PRESENT JJ received from GOD.