Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jin's Weekly Diary of ISAK workshop

ISAK workshop was held form 17 till 19 August 2009 at ISN. Within these 3 days, I listened to some lectures and learnt some basic techniques of skin-fold measurement. Dr Masaharu Kagawa was our invited Japanese speaker. He is a nice and easy-going person. He loves to chat. He shared his story with me during our journey from hotel to ISN and from ISN back to hotel.
On the last day, I sat for an exam which cost RM1500. I was so worried that I might fail the exam. In fact, I was not performing well during the exam as well. Unexpectedly, I passed the exam. Thank god. Thank to Mr Masa’s explanations. Thank to my lovely housemates and juniors for becoming my subject to let me do my practice.
Mr Don. The famous Mr skeleton in ISN.

What is the thickness of my fat ?? I was being pinched for the 3 days. Until now, the lumps on my calf and thigh were still there.

WenQi. She is being paid RM100 as a subject to let 16 persons pinched her skin from 11am until 5pm.

Fafa, Jin, Eni, Miki. We all passed. ISN BOLEH!! UKM pun BOLEH!!

The ISAK Team. With my lovely lecturers, course-mates and ISN staffs.

ISN Athletes Cafeteria food. Healthy cooking style, creative menu, delicious taste. I missed the nutty cake, the bread pudding, the baked potato, the fish fillet. Yummy!!

On the last day, we had dinner at Seri Melayu. We enjoyed our local famous Malay cuisine. Some of the nice food I tried were lodeh, durian pengat, ayam masak merah, redang, nasi minyak, sup tulang, etc. All were heavenly good.

My Bulky left hand. The condition of my left palm was not as worse as the next morning when i woke up and realized that my other fingers could not move at all.

Supposed I was happy that I managed to pass my exam. However, I was upset because my hand was bended accidentally during the workshop. Luckily, it was my left hand but anyway I do feel inconvenient whenever needed to handle stuffs with both hands. I faced difficulty in tearing a paper, typing an-email, wearing shirt buttons, taking my hand-phone out from my pocket, opening my water bottle, pushing the car gear, turning the car stearing, etc. I paid for the consequences if being careless.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hou Mei Fish Curry Head Restaurant @ Setapak

It was totally in a sudden Lee Peng made her mind to take Dr Masahawa Kagawa, our ISAK workshop speaker to have dinner together on Monday’s night. After a long consideration and discussion, we decided to take Dr Masa to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant at Setapak.

Fish Head Curry. This was the signature dish of the restaurant. This dish consisted of the usual ingredients like cabbages, brinjals, lady fingers, pepper chilies, fish head, spices and the coconut milk. Its scenting aroma successfully trickled all of our salivary. Its spiciness was within our acceptance limit, especially for Dr Masa who was not familiar with spicy hot food. “I like it. It is great!!” commented by Dr Masa.

Stir-fried Sweet-potato Leaves with Belacan. Since Dr Masa would like to try some local special food, we decided to order this dish due to several reasons. First, we guessed sweet-potato leaves were seldom eaten by Japanese. Second, belacan paste was our local specialty and for sure it would be used in Japanese cooking. Once again, we would like to challenge Dr Masa’s acceptance towards spicy food. However, it seemed like this dish was a bit salty for him probably because he accidentally bitten a pinch of salt. Overall, the leaves were soft and tasted great with the belacan paste.

Pandan Leaves Chicken. Wrapped with the pandan leaf was the deep fried seasoned chicken rib. The meat was tender, juicy and full of aromatic spices scent. I bet you totally irresistible to have a second bite of it after finishing your first bite. Dr Masa was curious to know about how is the pandan plant look like. Again, he was satisfied with this dish by showing his thumb up.

Pandan Leave Wrapped Chickens. Wrapped with the pandan leaf was the deep fried seasoned chicken rib. The meat was tender, juicy and full of aromatic spices scent. I bet you totally irresistible to have a second bite of it after finishing your first bite. Dr Masa was curious to know about how is the pandan plant look like. Again, he was satisfied with this dish by showing his thumb up.

Chicken Herbal Soup. This soup was cooked with plentiful ingredients and its taste was fantastic. It was clear, not oily and naturally sweet. We would like to have a second bowl of it but the portion of the soup was just enough for everyone to have a try. By the way, Dr Masa was shocked by the big hard skin attached chicken leg.

Great Dinner with Dr Masaharu Kagawa. We leave the restaurant contentedly.

Restoran Kee V @ Kajang

Last Sunday, after I finished my ISAK recorder job, I joined Ken and Johnson for dinner. Since Ken was not feeling well, Johnson was urged to drive Ken’s car and I was told to have “spicy soup” (translated directly from Chinese words) as our dinner. I totally had no idea where we were heading to until we reached the destination.

Tang~Tang~Tang~Tang. This was the restaurant RESTORAN KEE V.

Crowded with People. I guessed they able to convince you that the food shouldn’t taste too bad.

Fried Mini Spring Rolls. Crispy spring roll skin wrapped fully with fish paste, sengkuang, carrot and celery. I liked it because it was made up with fresh fish paste instead of pork meat.

Lettuces. Lightly stir-fried lettuce with oyster sauce and fried flavorful chopped garlic. I supposed it was the common veg-dish which usually ordered by the guys.
Clay-pot Hot-explosive Pork Bellies. Basically this dish was consisted of pork bellies cooked with thick and thin soy sauces, dried chilies, dried shrimps, peppers, onions and topped with some shallot leaves. All these ingredients contributed to its hotness and slightly spiciness tastes. Johnson and I rather preferred this than the clay-pot salty fish pork bellies because it was more flavorful than that. In brief, it tasted great.
Clay-pot Salty Fish Pork Bellies. This dish tasted quite similar to the clay-pot hot-explosive pork bellies but it was not spicy. The salty fish replaced the dried shrimps to give flavor to this dish. This dish was more suited to Ken’s liking as he couldn’t stand with the spicy food.
Spicy Soup. This was the signature dish of the restaurant. As being told by its name, the soup was hot and spicy because the main ingredients of the soup were gingers and peppers together with pork ribs, chicken bones, chicken ribs, intestines and pork bellies. We ordered needle mushrooms as extra add-on and they went well with the soup. The soup gave a sense of warmth to my tummy and left the hotness taste in my buds. It was fantastic.

Johnson. By just looking at his appearance, I really couldn’t know that he is 4 years elder than me. Maybe I should ask him about his secret of keeping himself to stay young.
Kennex. The poor guy who had been suffering for nausea and bloating for 2 weeks. Hopefully he will fully recover soon.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Jin's Weekly Diary of MASO 2009 Scientific Conference

MASO 2009 Scientific Conference was held at Seri Pasific Hotel on 12 and 13 August 2009.

I was glad to be one of the organizing committees involved in the scientific booklet, the poster board and the registeration counter.

No doubt, i also had a chance to indulge in various type of food and satisfy tummy with yummy dessert. Until now, the sweet taste and smooth texture of Creme Brulee was still trickling my taste-buds whenever i was thinking about it. The lightly tempting vege dishes were vivid in my memory.

It was indeed my pleasure to work together with you guys.


Jin's Weekly Diary of Graduation''

Went to Bangi main campus to take my rob early in the morning and had lunch at YeePoLouXuFun. Thanks a La and Wenqi for the ride.
At the evening, went to wedding shop to take family photo at the studio and had dinner at HeiLoyTang as celebration. Thanks nanny and aunties for the angpows. Gained some extra-pocket money since my RA salary has not being paid yet.
Went to Bangi Danao Golf Club to attend a Pre-Convo Hi-Tea ceremony. Thanks Dr Poh for offering XiaoChuan and I a ride.
Frankly, although was free of charge, XC and I felt like being "cheated" to attend the ceremony as we were being told that Dean Cert will be given out yet in fact it was just be collected from the counter. Hmmm. Think of the good side, at least, the feeling of disappointment and boredom were able to be consoled by nice freshly Fruit Rojak.

My Big-day had come. Really glad to meet my lovely friends appeared at my convo.
Thank to you guys for the flowers and presents. Not to forget to thank my parent and PeiLee. Thank to my lovely old friends for waiting me until my convo ceremony ended. Specially thank to Lydia and lap for being my photographer as well. Had a great dinner with you guys.
Felt grateful to have friends like you all.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Stressed with the working task during this weekend..
Hoping to go out for a walk..
My dream came true when i received a call from my bro..
"Jie, so you want to go to PC fair?"
Without hesistation, i answered..
"Yaya.. i want to go out!!"

Needless to say, the fair was crowded with people..
Both of us just directly heading to the counters which sold the thing which we were looking for..
Bro wanted to buy a PDA phone and CD holder while i was looking for laptop cooler..
However, when we passed by a booth which was selling accessories..
Bro with his good-sight saw a big discount for laptop accessories..
5 items: laptop protector, screen protector, keyboard protector, screen cleaner and laptop mini-bag was just sold with RM27..
No doubt, we grabbed one set of these..
Since the bag was useless to us, we decided to change it with another piece of laptop protector..

..I helped it to change a new cloth.. ^^

After visiting the fair, was time for us to settle our dinner..
At first, bro said he wanted to eat KFC..
Yup, he is one of the KFC fans..
Yet, bro is that kind of person who always change his month in 5 seconds.. haha!!
"Jie, since we are at KLCC, i think we should try something special, right?"
We made up our mind when we were passing by a Thai restaurant -- CHAKRI PALACE..
"How about Thai food.. It had been a long time we didn't eat Thai food.. Do you still remember when we were small, dad brought us to the thai restaurant near Lucky Plaza?"
"Then what we are waiting, jie.. Let's try la.."


Jie, I want to eat duck meat.. You decide others la.."
"Imm, we try tomyam, ok? Imm, we order a pineapple rice since it is the signatured dish for Thais, ok?"
"That's all? Are you sure it is enough? Don't want to order dessert?"
"We just 2 persons plus the price for the food not that cheap oo, are you sure you have enough cash?"
"Suddenly i crave for the dessert we tried last time at Penang. Let's order it.."
Finally, these were the dishes we ordered..
From 3 dishes ended up to 6 dishes.. wakaka!!
..Chakri Thai Tea. .
..Tasted like Jasmine tea with a scent of freshly Pandan..
..Tom Yam Talay..
(Squids and seafoods Thai Tom Yam)
..Sour spicy red tomyam soup with squids and seafood..
Absolutely appertizing !!
..Phad Woon Sen with Gai..
(Fried glass noodle with chicken breast meat)
..Tangy wet smooth glass noodle with plentiful ingredients..
..Including mushrooms, chilis, tomatoes, chicken breast meats, eggs, onions, shallots..
Heavenly good !!
Phed Ob Karfe
(Roasted duck meat with sweet coffee sesame sauce)
..Insisted by bro and he was absolutely made the right choice..
..Crispy fragrant outer skin with tender juicy duck meat..
..The unique sauce was perfectly matched with the meat..
Tough-licking !!
Khow Ob Sapparod
(Pineapple fried rice with shrimp)
..Fried Siam rice with a unique scent of spices..
Together with pineapple cubes, mixed beans and shrimps..
Nice !!
Khow Neow Ma Moung
(Mango glutinous rice with salted coconut milk)
..Sweet juicy mango flesh with warm soft glutionious rice..
..Tasted good when served with the salted coconut milk..
Satisfy !!
Ai Tim Tab Tim Krob
(Ice-cream Glutionious rice Sagu with sweetened coconut milk)
We purposely order this to pamper our craving for it but end up with disappointment..
Frankly, it was not as delicious as that one which we tried at Penang..
On average !!
Since we stuffed our tummies with such great food, we decided to do some window shopping..
As usual, i looked for bakery shop.. KeKe!!
I discovered a new bakery -- CAKE SENSE..
"Jie, why you always be so excited when discovering bakery shop? Eyes turn so round and big, i know what you want.. Go and pick one la but pay by yourself.."

..I feel blessed because of having such a great bro like you..

Thousand of thank you to my lovely bro..
You are the one who always able to cheer me up..

..Yippie!! Happy Goes Lucky..