Thursday, March 26, 2009

NSM ConFeRence 26 & 27 03 09

Attended Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) Conference for the whole day..
Ying and my "BabY" had took part for the poster competition..

Our Baby -- Household Food Purchasing Behavior And Diet Quality Assessmenthehe

Paid RM100 for the registration fees..
Tried different food samplings: Milo, Honey Star, Dutch lady, Anlene, Nescafe, Maggie, Nesvita, Yakult, Lipton..satisfy

All the goodies i got..hihi

Frankly speaking, I was not really interested in listening the symposiums..bad
The main program which i was looking forward was the oral presentation took part by my 4 course-mates..
I was proud of them..
They did a great job..

UKM representatives -- Shin, Pooh, BeeCharn, Diana..

The ballroom was cold..
As cold as ice globe..
Everyone was wearing sweaters, scraps or coats..

Is cold..try

Chit-chatting with course-mates although was indeed not respect to all the speakers..yummy
Enjoy eating 5-stars Hotel food..
That's why course-mates said that we actually spent money for eating buffet rather than other things else..hehe

Nice food.. After trying all the prepared food, i like Nutty tart, Fried chicken drumstick, Fried mee siam, Caramel bread pudding, Ginseng hot-soup, Alcoholic Rum wheat-flour bun, Smoke salmon.. nice

The NSM lasted for 2 days..
All the competition results will be announced on tomorrow..

Hope my "Baby" can win a prize..hehe


Last day for the NSM conference..
Today the symposiums were much more interesting..
Yet whenever felt bored..
Just left the ballroom and went out to the display booths for games and photo capturing..

We were Camera-girls..hehe

My leng-lui BFs..

WenQi said i smiled so sweet like taking photo with my BF..satisfy

No to forget about the nice meal i took..


Happy Moment with course-mates..keke

Finally, the competition results were out..
My "Baby" didn't get any prize..
won the 1st prize..

She deserved it.. yoyo

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My PlentiFuL LuNcH

Almost felt sick..
Skipped class and rested at home..
After resting, getting better..
Thus decided to prepare lunch for Pooh, the chronic patient and WenQi, the sudden visitor..

~ Steam Pomfret ~
Pooh's mummy bought 2 Pomfrets for her..
After asking Pooh's liking, decided to steam it as Jin also prefer steam fish..
3 of us like this fish..

~ Stir-fried Lettuce ~
Purposely add in more water to make it soupy as WenQi and Pooh prefer soupy rice..
WenQi said she long time didn't eat veggie and she felt healthy after eating it..

~ Potato-Carrot Hotdog ~
Just wanted to help Pooh to clear her hotdogs, carrots and potatoes..
really don't like hotdog but Jin like mashed potatoes and carrots..

~ Jin's Style Porridge ~
Jin finished the left-over porridge..
Pooh said the porridge was nice.. Simple ingredients but tasted nice..
Same as Jin, she also likes flurry porridge..

Felt full and satisfy..
Time for patient to take medicine and have a good rest..
Thanks Pooh and WenQi for being my white mouse..

Monday, March 23, 2009


I went to CHILIS..
Don't be misled by the name of the restaurant..
It was not just serving spicy food..
Instead it was a western food-style restaurant..

If i was no mistaken the name of this appetizer..*WINK*
CHILIS famous fajita chicken with grilled onions, shredded cabbage, beans, queso with a hint of seasoned chicken, cheese & jalapenos on every chips..Served with home-made pico de gallo & sour cream.. I like the taste of this greenish sauce.. Great taste & special..

HOHO..this dish was heavenly good..
a marinated and grilled to perfection juicy Lamb Shoulder, served with mash potatoes, fresh veggies and a garlic toast..
Till this moment, i still couldn't forget the tender juicy lamb meat..

Compare to the Lamb Shoulder, this dish was not as delicious as that..
The chicken breast meat was a bit too dry..
Yet the marinated Portobello mushroom (look a bit similar to Char-siew -- my friend & I do think so -- HAHA) in peppercorn sauce with mashed potatoes & fresh veggies..
I like the soft full-mouthfeel mashed potatoes & the naturally sweet stir-fried veggies, especially the broccoli..KEKE

Too full, till not able to try dessert..
Plan to revisit to try for other highly recommended food by the food-bloggers..
In my list..

Chilis's signature dessert -- MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE..
Is so tempting..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pastamania @ Pavilion ..JoGoYa BeCaMe PasTaMania..

At 1st think of went to JOGOYA with Ying & Ashley to celebrate our final day for data collection..
We were so excited and looked forward to it for the whole afternoon..
We were told that the dinner and supper sessions were being fully book..
Really disappointed when we knew that we not able to enjoy this Japanese buffet..
We went to PAVILION to have our dinner..


..Garlic Bread, Minestrone Soup, Mushroom Soup..
The garlic bread was full of fragrant garlic scent in every bite..
The bread was soft and finely textured..
Sweet sour minestrone soup well cooked with tomat0, celery, carrot, onion and parsley..
Whitish thick milky mushroom soup was my favorite..
The chef was so generous by adding plentiful of mushroom into the soup..

..4 Seasons Pizza..
Simple & colourful topping ingredients such as mozzarella cheese, chicken hams, capsicum, olive & mushrooms lying evenly on the thin crusty pizza bread..
No bad for the taste & the bread's texture was not hard at all..
I like the olive special taste..

..Marinara Pasta..
Prawns, squids & clams in tomato herb sauce..
Fresh seafood, al-dente pasta & well-flavored sauce..
No doubt was a perfect combination..
suddenly realized that i had been long time didn't eat pasta..

Still looking forward to JOGOYA..