Sunday, December 28, 2008


Suddenly craving for French TOast..
Without any hesistation..
I went to the mini-store to buy a loaf of Gardenia white bread..
Then started the French T0ast preparation..

~ The ingredients ~
White Bread, Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread, Full Cream Milk, Egg & Butter..

~ The steps ~

1. Apply the butter & peanut butter evenly on 2 pieces of white bread.. I like peanut butter very much, thus i applied a thick spread of peanut butter.. Never bother about the fattening calories.. KeKe

2. Beat the egg in a wide shallow plate and add in some milk, sugar & salt.. Choose shallow plate so that it is easy to place the bread into the egg mixture..

3. Place the bread into the egg mixture & let the bread to soak up the egg mixture for a few second then carefully turn to coat the other side..

4.Heat up the frying pan with some butter.. Put in the egg-coated bread & heat it slowly until the bottom is golden brown.. Turn & brown the other side..

5. Finally serve the French Toast with butter, syrup, condensed milk or honey according to your liking.. I don't have any of the mentioned ingredient, thus i put some orange marmalade jam on top of the French T0ast & serve it in such way.. HoHo

~ Jin's French Toast ~

~ U.LoVe.It Milk Tea ~

Served together with the milk tea bought by Y00ng from China.. Enjoyed my Sunday tea-break together with housemates.. Satisfying & glad to hear their compliment too.. *WiNK*

Saturday, December 27, 2008

JiN's MiSo-SeaWeeD-LoNGaN BeRRy Fried Egg


In order to finish up the Miso Paste and Longan Berry which kept in the fridge for quite some time..
I used these ingredients to cook a fried egg dish..
The taste of this fried egg dish was nice..
My friend tried it and said that she liked it very much..
~ LoL ~

Ingredients :

Miso Paste.. Seaweeds.. Longan Berries.. Eggs

Steps :

  1. Rinse the eggs and longan berries.
  2. Soak the seaweeds and then cut into small pieces.
  3. Beat the eggs.
  4. Add the seaweeds, longan berries and a spoon of miso paste into the beaten egg.
  5. Pour some cooking oil into the hot pan.
  6. Pour the egg mixture into the hot pan.
  7. Fried the egg for about 3 minutes till it well done. Remember don't over-fried it or the longan berries may be dried up.

..Scented fried egg..
Saltish miso paste good for our immune system.. Sweetly longan berries good for our vision.. Seaweed a good iodine souce.. Egg a good protein source.. Healthy and Yummy.. >0<*

* Wink *
Jin's latest creation was succeed..
Finally finished up all my longan berries..
Still left 1/2 bottle of miso paste..
Needed to think of new recipe.. ^^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

..A SimpLe BreaKFast With PaPa..

Long time didn't have breakfast together with papa..
Last Monday, before coming back to KL..
I had a simple but wonderful breakfast with papa..

Papa purposely brought me to a new Kopitiam near our house area (for me is new, as i never went there)..
He wanted to let me try the nice steamed bread prepared by the Kopitiam aunty..
This is because the last time i ate breakfast together with papa..
I ordered a set of steamed bread which was totally not nice at all in which the bread was soaked with the steam till became flabby and the kaya spread was a bit smelly..

Jin & Papa Breakfast Order

KOPI-O >> Papa's favorite breakfast drink.. A pleasant smell of kopi powder.. Awaking.. ^^

MILO KOSONG >> Jin's favorite breakfast drink.. Thick chocolate taste.. Sweetly & warmth.. >u<*

STEAMED HAINAN BREADS >> Soft Hainan bread spreaded with thick butter & home-made kaya.. Absolutely nice.. YUmYUm.. >v<

HALF-BOILED EGGS >> Fresh Kampung chicken eggs be well prepared.. Niether too raw or too over-boiled.. The Kopitiam aunty really experience in estimating the timing.. >0<

Jin likes these breakfast combinations..
Let us visit this kopitiam more often ya.. >0<*

Result Out..

Felt sad after looking at my result..
Although i had prepared for it..

In fact..
After sitting for the exam..
I knew well that I wouldn't get a good result..

In fact..
I knew that this was the consequence that i would face..
Since I neglected doing my revision because of some reasons..

I need to face the consequence since i am the one who made the decision..
No regret..
Worth for it..
I lose my PNGK..
But i gained some other thing as replacement..

Motivated me to be more hardworking for my final semester..
Especially for my thesis..
Hope i able to maintain my PNGK..

P/S : Didn't receive any Christmas present..This is the saddest Christmas present i received..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hee Lai Ton @ Lobak

Last Sunday..
In conjunction with dong-zhi festival..
Dad brought us to dine at Hee Lai Ton..

Steamed Pomfret - The fish was fresh & the meat was tender.. Just simply laid on fish sauce yet the taste was absolutely nice.. Thumb-up.. ^^

Loh-Hon-Zai - Mixed stir fried vege which consisted of cauliflowers, water chestnuts, ginkgos, carrots, bean curds, mushrooms, kai-coy stems..In variety.. I like vege.. ^^

Mamee Prawn - Deep-fried prawn with thick mamee sauce & malt sugar.. Sweet & salty.. Indeed appetizing.. The prawn was crispy till I was able to eat 3 whole prawns included the head & the shell.. >0<*

Gin-Dong-Guat - Deep-fried pork rib with sweet-sour sauce.. The sauce was a bit watery.. Compared to the same dish which i tried at other restaurant, this dish was not that nice, not as fragrant as others.. Anyway, i still like it as i like sweet-sour stuffs.. >u<*

Watercress Soup - Watercress with chicken feet.. Snupzz.. Nice.. ^^

Tang-Yuen - Plain glutinous balls in hot ginger soup.. I prefer tang-yuen with sesame, peanut or red bean filling.. ^^

Great moment dining together with my lovely family..

..Happy Dong-zhi Festival..

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri @ Senawang

"Jin, do u try Kajang satay before?"
"Wanna try??"
"Then let's go Kajang.."
"Sure bo?? Go to Kajang just to try satay?? You sure won't do so.. HaHa!!"
"We go to fetch San 1st, later we go for Kajang satay.."

Instead of going to Kajang,
Lap, San and I headed to Senawang (a small area at Seremban) to have our Kajang satay indulgence..

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri @ Senawang

..The Drinks..

Fresh Star-fruit Juice >> After swallowing the hot satey, took a sniff of this cool juice was indeed refreshing.. ^^

Carrot Milk >> San's order.. Cool & Milky..

Iced Lemon Tea >> Lap's order.. He complained about the drink's taste was bad.. >.<"

..The Gravy..

Peanut gravy >> Thick, aromatic.. Totally complementary with the satays.. Heavenly delicious.. I finished half big bowl of it.. Crazy for it till i ate it like "Fang-Sang-Wu".. >0<*

Sambal sauce >> Customize the peanut gravy spiciness according to your own preference.. I didn't add it into my peanut gravy as i was not that preferred spicy..

..The Satays..

10 mutton 10 chickens >> The satays were good, no doubt about that.. At 1st, we intended to order fish & chicken.. But fish was finish sold thus we changed to mutton & chicken.. After eating, we had the same view that mutton was nicer than chicken.. Relishing.. >u<*

Cucumber & Rice dumpling
Dipped with the peanut gravy, the taste was superb good till you can't resist to have a 2nd piece of it..

Sedapzzz.. Thumb-up..
It was really a great meal.. Thanks for Lap's recommendation..

Ordered another 5 to take away for dad..
He was also satisfy with it, especially for the gravy..
Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri became Dad's next target..

..D0NG-ZHi CeLeBRaTi0N DisHes..

Mum prepared a number of "uncommon" dishes for the dong-zhi celebration..
Really uncommon as all were deep-fried dishes..
Cos mum thought i was not going back..

Mum's special deep-fried pork-ball >>
Minced seasoned pork-meat with chopped small red onions.. YUM!! YUM!!.. Everyone likes this.. Including me.. >u<*.. Able to taste it again during this coming CNY.. YEAH!! YEAH!!

Deep-fried prawns >> This dish was for our special guest -- PeiLee.. She likes deep-fried prawns, thus mum specially prepared this for her.. Fresh small prawns coated with rice-flour batter.. Was a bit salty, yet PeiLee was no mind.. KEKE!! I like prawn too but not deep-fried prawn, anyway was mum's dish, sure I supported her.. >0<"

Deep-fried Ayamas chicken pop-corns >> Mum added this dish because of my sudden joining-in.. In fact, this dish was yummy too.. Bro almost finished up all alone.. I liked its crispyness.. ^^

Stir-fried Siew-Yoke >> My food preference was much different from my family members.. They like siew-yoke but i prefer char-siew.. So, i just picked up a tiny piece of it to try.. HEHE!!

Stir-fried mustards >> This dish suited my appetite.. I finished third-quarter of it.. I am herbivour.. HAHA!!

Fish ball soup >> Anchovy soup with fish balls, fish strips, & fish sacs.. I like fish strips & fish sacs.. Natural sweet taste of anchovy soup without adding Ajinomoto.. SNUPZZ.. YUMMY!! Another dish which i will be tasted again during this coming CNY.. HOHO!!

Mum didn't prepare tang-yuen as none of my family members like it..
Except me..
This shows that my food preference is much different from my family members..

Nyonya Colors @ The Gardens

Dropped by at Mid Valley on the way back to Seremban last Saturday..
The main purpose was to walk around the new shopping mall -- The Garden
At the same time..
Accompanying my jimui -- San to buy her slippers..

Before we started our shopping, we had our lunch at..

.. Nyonya Colors @ The Gardens..

ABC - Ordinary ABC with cendols, sweet corns, peanuts, atap seeds & red beans, together with syrup, gula melaka & condensed milk.. imm.. the taste was not bad but a little disatification was the cendols was no fresh-made, too flabby.. >.<"

Numbered ListYam Cake - Having a heavy-breakfast, thus thinking of having a light-meal for my lunch.. Overall, the yam cake texture was a bit too hard & taste bland.. >.<"

Nasi Lemak Special - San ordered this.. According to her, the rice was full of fragrant santan aroma, the kari chickens was nice & the sambal was no spicy but sweet.. San voted it 3.5 stars with 5 stars as full-mark.. ^^

Reserved my tummy for a plentiful dinner..
As mama told me that she cooked some dishes for dong-zhi celebration.. >o<*

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Ship @ Bukit Bintang

HanXin was asking me for a nice meal after finishing her sensory test..
After thinking for a while..
I suggested The Ship to her..
Without any hesitation,
She just said "0k"

After dressing and making up,
We headed to..
..The Ship @ Bukit Bintang..

Meals that we ordered..

..Bun spread with butter..
HanXin liked it very much.. Me too as i am a bread-lover..
Soft hot bun with smooth & good mouthfeel butter.. YUmYUm..^^

..Fresh Mango Juice..
Cheated by its name..
Actually the drink was totally not prepared from fresh mango
Needless to say, no mango flavor at all.. >.<"
Yet, still considered ok..

..Mushroom soup..
HanXin & I thumbed u for the soup..
The soup was smooth & creamy.. Snupzz.. Tongue-licking.. >u<"

..France Chicken Chambertin..
Mine order..
Grilled Chicken fillet topped with mushroom and served in red wine sauce.. Together with French fries & braised veg (Baby carrots, Small sweet corn kernels & French beans).. The chicken fillet was totally complemented with the thick, creamy red wine sauce..
I liked it.. ^^

..France Chicken A'La Kiev..
HanXin's order..
Deep-fried breaded chicken drumstick, stuffed with herbs.. I was not that preferred deep-fried stuff..But overall this main course was not bad.. Especially for the bread-crust coated as it was deep-fried with butter..Fragrant.. >0<"

Full and contented..
Thanks HanXin for accompanying me..

P/S: Girl, add oil with your thesis oo..
Need help dun be shy to ask me for favor.. Try my best to help you.. ^^

Breaded BaNaNa

What appears in your mind when u heard about the word "Breaded Banana"?

Breaded Banana = Bread + Banana ??

This two days helped my old friend with her thesis..
She was doing sensory test for food product --> Breaded Banana..

Although the whole process was quite TiRiNG,
I felt ENJ0YaBLe as able to cook..
And HaPPY as able to help my friend..

Do you know what is the name of this banana?
It is called Pisang Abu, also known as Pisang Sabah or Pisang Nipah..
Compared with the banana which we usual eat, like Pisang Kari or Pisang Emas.. It is less sweet, can consider as bland, firm & not as soft as usual banana.. It is suitable for deep-frying, especially making pisang goreng..

The Bananassss..
In various ripening stages..

The various formulation of the coated batter..
Flour, sugar, salt & water.. Mixed it well..
Later dipped in beaten egg & coated with bread crust before putting it into the hot oil for deep-frying..

Tang!! Tang!! Tang!! The final product..
YuM YuM !! Crispy, Sweet, Fragrant..

HanXin's PanCake..
Not to waste the remaining ingredient..
Friend used it to make her special creation of PanCake..

Monday, December 15, 2008