Sunday, June 14, 2009

Great week!!

Really had a great time for this whole week..
Watched Terminator Salvation on Tue..
The movie was not bad..
Had dinner at Madam Wong..
I liked the homecook beancurds rice..^^
I supposed had take some food photos..
But i accidentally deleted them..
Ooopss.. >.<"


Watched Demon and Angel on Thurs..
Quite a nice movie..^^
Although i knew the ending as never thought i will watch this movie..


Hang out with old friends, Kee Yuan and Lin Hui on Fri..
We went to have great food and teabreak as well as dinner..
Dragon-i, Remember-to-Eat, 4 Happy Seasons..

According to Lin Hui, she calculated that each of us almost spent RM90 for our food for the whole day..
Not included the money we spent for buying cloths and other stuffs..
I spent my 1 week salary in a day..
gosh!! >.<"


Hang out with Lin Hui again on Sat..
Because Kee Yuan wished to buy a dress i brought..
Had a great lunch at Sweet Chat..
We ordered Durian pancake, mango mountain, chicken sandwich with Focaccia bread and bubur cha cha..
All the food were super nice..

We liked the durian pancake very much as both of us were durian lover..^^
Yeah!! Yeah!! q(^o^)p
No doubt i am going to revisit this restaurant..

Watched Fish's concert at night..
All the songs were so familiar..
Like a singing K session..^^

Watched movie again on the Sun..
This time i watched Drag me into hell..
Was a horror movie but actually was not really horror..
Instead was just disgusting because the old lady split out the greenish stuff..
Yucks.. >.<"
Dined in U-Cafe..
I liked the mango chicken spagetti..
Yummy.. >u<
Next time when hanging out with friends can have a new dining place option..
Stepped in Time Square 5 times, Sg Wang 3 times in a week..
This week was the week i hang out the most frequent..
Fully recharged now..
Ready for my RA job..
Is time for me to start my work..
Is time for me to face my challenge
All the best.. jin.. ^^

Girls.. thanks for the accompanion..
Touched in heart deeply..
You all let me know that i still have close friends..
I missed you all so much..

Monday, June 1, 2009



REdang TRip

Just backed from REDANG ISLAND..
enjoyed the moment spent with friends..
wondering when can we gather together for another trip..
everyone is entering a new chapter of life..