Monday, April 27, 2009

Jin = Phlegmatic + Choleric

Jin has taken a personality test..
These are Jin's result..

Melancholy Strength:3 Weakness:6

Phlegmatic Strength:5 Weakness:10

Sanguine Strength:3 Weakness:2

Choleric Strength:9 Weakness:2

From the result, Jin's personality is Phlegmatic Choleric

Strengths of a Phlegmatic

The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist
The Phlegmatic's Emotions
  • Low-key personality
  • Easygoing and relaxed
  • Calm, cool and collected
  • Patient well balanced
  • Consistent life
  • Quiet but witty
  • Sympathetic and kind
  • Keeps emotions hidden
  • Happily reconciled to life
  • All-purpose person

Strengths of a Choleric

The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist
The Choleric's Emotions
  • Born leader
  • Dynamic and active
  • Compulsive need for change
  • Must correct wrongs
  • Strong-willed and decisive
  • Unemotional
  • Not easily discouraged
  • Independent and self sufficient
  • Exudes confidence
  • Can run anything

Weaknesses of a Phlegmatic

The Introvert | The Watcher | The Pessimist
The Phlegmatic's Emotions
  • Unenthusiastic
  • Fearful and worried
  • Indecisive
  • Avoids responsibility
  • Quiet will of iron
  • Selfish
  • To shy and reticent
  • Too compromising
  • Self-righteous

Weaknesses of a Choleric

The Extrovert | The Doer | The Optimist
The Choleric's Emotions
  • Bossy
  • Impatient
  • Quick-tempered
  • Can't Relax
  • Too impetuous
  • Enjoys controversy and arguments
  • Won't give up when loosing
  • Comes on too strong
  • Inflexible
  • Is not complimentary
  • Dislikes tears and emotions
  • Is unsympathetic
almost the same result taken during my form 6..
this is jin indeed..

G.O.D --Millions of THANK YOU

Dear G.O.D

millions of THANK YOU specially to U gratefully..
2 hours of suffering..
waiting for the reply from HER..
ending up with the result which i wished..
thanks again for fulfilling my wish..
i will keep the promise i made..
i will continue with my hard work as well..
try my best with my full determination and commitment..

i will root this message in my mind..
practice it out in my life whenever i able to do so..
U convinced me that all these while i am doing the right thing..

once again..
THANK YOU very much..
THANK YOU for UR blessing.. (@.@)

in paranoid

i m so scare..
dunno what to do..
discover the problem..
but dunno whether i suppose to correct it or not..
if doing correction..
all other parts will be affected..
if making changes..
scare being discovered..
might have bad consequences..
supposedly i can just ignore it..
yet i was given extra time..
so i shouldn't just be blind..
i shouldn't just keep quiet..

what am i suppose to do..
should i take the risk..
in fact..
if no need to face back the thing later..
to be frank..
i will take the risk..
yes i will..

but i have to face this stupid annoying troublesome thing again..
this thing is burdening me now..
lost direction..

i am just a little ordinary human..
why must keep on testing me..
no doubt..
i will do bad things..
i admit..
no doubt..
i will cheat..
i admit..
no doubt..
i will lie..
i admit..
but i don't wan to feel guilty..

i nearly can't cope with the fear and the stress..
the fear of being discovered..
the stress of getting low marks..
can i pass it safely without being noticed..
i pray..
this is the only thing that i can do..
pray hard to the god..
only Y.O.U can help me go through with all of these..

searching for the feeling of secure now..
i need to clam down..
i can't be so panic now..
i need to find someone to chat with me..
i wish to phone to you to hear your voice..
how good is it if you able to be my side now..
cos you able to make me smile..
make me feel relief..
i know no matter what happen on me..
you all will support me..

the valueless treasure that i have..
is my lovely family..
my bro..
you all shower me with deepest care..
i am being protected by you all..
make sure i was not being hurt..
even i felt down..
i am able to stand back again..
because i have you all to accompany me to walk towards the end..

the world is still beautiful..
i am able to see the rainbow..
as long as i believe..
i will..
and i sure can..

happy goes lucky..
smile, JIN..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

is it worth?

my eyes are so painful now..
facing in front of the laptop screen for too long..
started from two days ago..
i sat in front of the laptop and typed my thesis as early as 3am.. non-stop till 12 mid-night..
spent almost 18 hours each day in front of the laptop..
the end result is..
double vision..
swelling eyes..
bloating with blood vessels..

is it worth???

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nice Thai Food

Went back home last Friday..
Accompanied mum to go for lunch at Thai fair held in Parkson Seremban..
These were the food we ordered

..Tiny Bird Eggs..

Cutie yet fragrant..
sprinkle with some pepper and soy sauce..
yum yum..
but high in cholesterol.. wink*

Mee-Beehoon-Tanghoon Tomyam..

heavenly nice..
flavorful tomyam soup with 2 fresh prawns, 2 spongy fish balls and some kangkung..
the noodles were perfectly matched with the tomyam soup..
beehoon and tanghoon soaked the tomyam soup became bulky and just nice to be sucked..

Deep-fried Popia & Tiny Prawns

popia was filled bulkily with tanghoon, carrot and sako..
really irresistible until i ate 2 of it..
the prawns were crunchy without any smelly oily taste..
could feel the crispyness when bitting it..
more ymmy than any of the prawn-flavored snacks..*grin

Thai-style ais kacang

flaky ice with plentiful ingredients such as peanuts, atap-ci, cincau, jelly, sagu balls..
add in syrups and condensed milk..
my favorite dessert..

it has been a long time not having lunch with mum..
both of us satisfy our tummy with these..
mum also grabbed a box of 30 packets well known thai's duck-instant noodles as well as her favorite thai's Dai-Ko-Dai coconut-flavored roasted peanut and salted squid snacks..

Monday, April 20, 2009

i can do it..

i can handle all of these..

thanks wenqi for ur call..
thanks siewying for ur msn..
thanks shwuchen for ur ear..
thanks to u all for listening me mumbling..

i can handle all these..
although my body started alarming me..
feeling headache discontinuously..
a sign of no enough sleep??
a sign of under stress??
or a sign of others??
whatever it is..
everything will be over soon..
just need to suffer for another 2 days..
maybe not..
maybe another 2 weeks..
hypnotize myself for so long..
yet still hypnotizing myself with the same reason..

i am going to get mad!!!

I am going to get mad!!
I dun knw hw well i can manage my temper..
I dun knw hw well i can cope with my emotion..
i juz knw that at tis moment..
i am like a sleeping volcano..
is going to explode..
but dun knw when..
maybe nxt few hours..
mayb nxt second!!!

does she knw that change a figure in my result means change the whole result..
i nid to reanalyze everything..
128 subjects..
384 records..
i am juz given a night to do all these things..
yet B4 this, i spent 3 days to complete all these..
no included the time i spent for typing out the result..

when 0.1 changed to 0.2..
my result may totally different from wat i get b4!!

does she knw tat hw happy i was when i found out that my result was tele b4 tis..
does she knw tat was no easy for me to get all these..
does she knw tat hw many nights i sacrified no sleeping well juz to complete it..

i juz want to graduate nia!!!

editing again..sighzzz!!

No matter how unwilling i am..
i still have to do it..
i forced myself to complete it..
i urged myself no to sleep..
is torturing..
i dun like it..
totally hate it..
why need to slot out the data again..
why dun u tell me my mistake early in the beginning when i was rekey-ining my data for twice..

never mind..
all these will be end up soon..
i am praying..
i wan to do my revision..
i have to..
i must do it unless i dun care to fail my exam..
but i care..

i know i have to make several times of edition..
is my responsibility..
and i am preparing for doing so..
being asked whether i wish to publish my thesis..
frankly i never think about it..
cos i know well in my heart that my thesis is no accurate at all..
too many errors..
what i wish truly deeply in my heart is..
i am able to get a good grade from you..
this is what i am more concerning..

finish mumbling..
time for thesis-ing again..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 years fled in a blink of eye..

Going to graduate soon in this coming may..
Spending 4 years in this small campus..
Lots of sweet memories..
ul of bitter experiences..
All with be kept well..
Thanks to all my lovely course-mates..

the wasabi's power!!!

Rushing for my thesis discussion and conclusion for almost 1 week..
Finally i finished typing and printing it out just now..
This whole week really slept too little..
Each day just 5 hours..
Wanted to replenish my sleeping time..
This weekend will be back to hometown to be sleeping pig..

Found a new way to keep myself stay awake..
wasabi+coffee=>truly awaking..

Slept at 3am this morning, woke up at 5am..
Had these food as my breakfast..
and it kept me stay awake till now 3.15pm..
The taste of these 2 food was matched and nice..
Dare to have a try??

Monday, April 13, 2009

Going HOme..

When Jin received a call from dad telling Jin that mum's sickness reoccurred..
Jin finally understood why Jin so missed mum that night..
Maybe this was the feeling so called sense..
and Jin always have a strong sense in things..

Recently Jin have a feeling of wanting to hide up from outside world..
At this moment, Jin feels that the world was so messy and horrible..
Jin dislikes such hassle world..
Jin needs to be alone for a while without any disturbance..

Jin want to go back home..
Jin want to spend more time with mum..
Home is always the most secure place for Jin if compared with outside world..

Home is a place for Jin to settle down and recharge..

Jin needs a rest..
These few days Jin spent most of the time rushing thesis..
Really didn't sleep well..
Didn't eat properly as well..
Some how Jin is facing binge-eating problem..
Jin needs to stop this unhealthy habit..

Mum.. Jin miss you..

Started from this moment..
Jin will keep silent in everything..
Jin won't give any explanation..
and Jin won't answer any question as well..
Although it is truly annoying, just let it is be..
it won't bother Jin.. *Grin*

Intends to challenge with Jin's EQ..??
Come on..
Jin's EQ is not that low.. *Wink*

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moody saturday ~

Today i was moody..
Jin: in swinging mood~~

Tried to figure out what's wrong with me..
DPS..??.. should be..
Felt lost..
Being dragged into hot soup..
In the edge of getting mad..
Nearly couldn't control my anger..
Jin: the sleeping volcano~~

I met..
A person who just knew to complain yet didn't realize the trouble own brought to others..
A person who was tremendously annoying in emphasizing and exaggerating own ability
A person who was still living in own world without realizing that own words were irritating..
A person who apologized to others but no thinking that it was own fault..
A person who apologized to others but not under own willingness..
A person who was in dilemma of self-struggling..
A person who was keep on exploding own anger and stress without considering others..
A person whose words brought others into hot water..
Jin: sighzz~~ no perfect human in this world..

My words to them..
Please keep your mouth shut..
Please don't be so childish..
Please be clear to the situation..
Sincerity is important..
S.O.R.R.Y can't be forced..
Only you can save yourself..
Always put yourself in others' shoes..
Think twice before you start to gossip..
Jin: the mumbling nanny~~

Felt hungry..
Probably because of using up too much energy in mumbling..
Jin: Let's supper !!

Jin's Mee-Sua Vege Soup..
Added in mee-soup into left-over vege soup..
My simple delicious supper..
Jin: Felt better after blogging.. Felt full after supper..

















Thursday, April 9, 2009


..Life of thesis-ing..
These few days..
Almost every second..
i was sitting in front of the laptop typing my thesis..
Except sleeping (5hours)..
having my meal (30 minutes)..

bathing (30 minutes)..
going to washroom (15 minutes)..

Deducts 6hours 15 minutes from 24hours..
i was spending 17hours 45 minutes for my thesis everyday..
Sounds crazy.. *wink*
i do spend time for chatting with friends and surfing internet logging-in to FB..
But still..
i was sitting in front of the laptop no matter how.. *grin*

Life of thesis-ing..
Was dry indeed..
Boring as well..
Yet it was a good way to train my patient and commitment..

All of there will be ending soon..
17/4 is the deadline of passing up the draft..
Another 1 week to go..
Gam-ba-teh !!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


01.上了大学才知道,两个天天在一起的人不一定是朋友, 有可能什么都不是。



































Read this article from my junior hsemate's facebook notes..
After experiencing 4 years of uni-life..
I feel that 90% of the statements are true..
How about you?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NiGHT 0F GLaM0R 040409


My final year JPD course-night dinner theme..


Wonderful moment being together with course-mates..

..Delicious food..

3 Happiness Hot & Cold Appetizer Combination
Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken & White Fungus
Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Thai Sauce
Steamed Seabasswith Fried Garlic & Spring Onion
Stir-fried Siew Pak Choy with Mushrooms & Yam Rolls
Chinese Yong Chow Fried Rice
Chilled Water Chestnut & Egg White
Baked Golden Lotus PastePastry

..Non-ending chat..

..Treasure memory..


Be silent..
Doesn't mean that she doesn't know anything..

Be silent..
Doesn't mean that she agrees everything..

Be silent..
Doesn't mean that she doesn't have her own thinking..

Be silent..
Just because she doesn't want to make a judge perfunctorily..

Be silent..
Just because she knows there is thing which can't be changed..

Be silent..
Just because she knows well the most important thing is she doesn't lost herself..

View a person from appearance..
Judge a person by time..
Real personality might be hided by words..
But time will reveal it..
Explanation sometimes is needless..

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Y MUz Rewrite my TheSis !!!

At this moment, i am really frustrating..
I want to shout out loud if is allowed..


Spent whole morning in searching for new info..
Recently the internet line is terrible..
In order to open a webpage need to wait for almost 1 hour..
I am getting crazy..

I don't know I still able to cope with all of these for how long..
I don't know my patient can last for how long..
I don't know how will I be if without the support from friends..

Thank to them for accompanying me chat through MSN..
Thank to them for phoning me and gossiping with me..
All these make my life brighten up with some colours..
Not just filled up with the grey dry thesis..

I just need to struggle for another 1 month..
Everything will be ending up soon..
ya..very soon..

p/s: Frankly to tell you, every night i able to sleep tight because of your companion..
Chat with you before going to bed really helps to relax my mind and release my tension..
At least now i can sleep until 6am instead of waking up at 4am..
Yet, something is still lacking..

Friday, April 3, 2009

..Fish Porridge..A warmth lunch

Today's lunch ate fish porridge..
Hereby, wanted to thank Prof 00i for sponsoring her plentiful ingredients: dry scallops, fish fillets, carrot, spinach, lettuce, coriander leaves, ginger and chili-padi..
I also showed my contribution in sponsoring some garlics. sweet corns, mushrooms and be the chief as well..

..Our Big Meal..

..Jin-00i's style Fish Porridge..
Such a big bowl of porridge with plentiful of ingredients..
Flurry porridge with naturally sweet taste from the dry scallop..
Of course not forget to mention the fresh fish fillets..

..Stir-fried spinach with garlic..
We liked spinach..
Yet, Prof 00i complained that the garlic was too little..
"0k la..Prof 00i..i will keep it in time i would be stingy to put a whole bud of garlic.."

..Prof 00i favorite home-planted chili-padi..
I felt spicy and hot by just dipping the fish with the soy bean sauce..
Couldn't bear with the spiciness..
But, Prof 00i finished up all the chilis..
No doubt, she is JPD's spicy queen..

Beside eating, cooking is one of my way to release tension and stress..
Thus, when Prof 00i nudged me at MSN and told me that planned to cook fish porridge..
I instantly replied her no problem without any hesitation..
Since now i am struggling with my thesis writing..
Playing masak-masak indeed helped me to relax my mind for a while..
At the same time had a person accompanying me to eat lunch and chit-chat..
Once again..
Thanks gal.. yeah

Thursday, April 2, 2009

DraGon-i Restaurant @ Pavilion

Suddenly craved for xiu-long-bao..
Had lunch with P00H at Dragon-i Restaurant this afternoon..

..Appetizer of braised peanuts..
I liked this..
It really induced my appetite..

..Steamed meat dumpling..
Dipped in vinegar with ginger strips, these babies were yummy..
I enjoyed sucking the soup out from the dumplings..
Then savoring the densed, flavoured pork meat filling..

..Souffles with red bean & banana paste..
Topped with some icing sugar, soft souffles skin filled with red bean & banana paste..
Taste of happiness..

..Hand-pulled noodle..
Long, smooth, springy noodle cooked in piping hot soup that was sweet, light & flavourful..

..Spare pork ribs..
Fragrant & tasted good..
My favorite dish whenever i dined out..

..Pamelo mango sago cream..

..Sea-coconut with water chestnut..
Refreshing & nourishing..

Satisfied our tummies..
Went for window-shopping..
Now sitting in front of the laptop again to do my endless tasks..

..Naza Italia..